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About Us

I am an attorney who has maintained a general practice of law in downtown Louisville, Kentucky since 1983. I attended the University of Louisville, obtaining my Bachelor's Degree from the Business School in 1980, and my Juris Doctor from the School of Law in 1983. I am a member of the Kentucky Bar Association and Louisville Bar Association.

I am admitted to practice before all state and federal courts in Kentucky, and I am also admitted to practice before the U. S. District Court for Southern Indiana, typically for the purpose of handling bankruptcy cases.

While you might expect that the heading should read "About Me", the "Us" refers to the fact that I am associated with several other attorneys who practice in some areas which compliment my practice, including Domestic Relations and Criminal Law. The attorneys associated with me are:Robert G. Stallings, Bixler W. Howland, Steven Strepey, James McCrocklin and Ched Jennings. Thus, they are part of the support for my slogan: "For all your legal needs, I do good deeds." (This is also a play on words as it relates to the portion of my practice dedicated to real estate matters).