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Probate Court typically deals with the estates of deceased persons, guardianships of minors or their property, and the registration of trusts. A typical probate estate mater involves probating or getting approval of a person's Will, and the appointment of an Executor under the Will to carry out its terms. If no Will is present, an Administrator may be appointed to handle the deceased's assets, the disposition of which are then governed by state law. The process normally takes a minimum of six months, since that is the period of time an estate must be left open for claims to be filed against it.

Estates are often handled on an hourly fee basis, but larger estates (over $100,000 in value) may be quoted a flat fee.

Guardianships are often used to manage assets left to minors (persons under 18 years of age), if a trust is not provided for in a Will.

Trusts which are provided for in a Will may be registered with the court for supervision of the assets, and disbursement at the appropriate time.

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