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Real Estate

Real estate matters range from closing transactions to buy or refinance property, to the recording and enforcement of mechanic's liens.

The typical closing begins with an examination of the title to the real property at the county clerk's office to determine the true ownership and whether there are any liens or other defects in the title which must be resolved at or before the closing. I have been examining titles since 1977, when I was employed as a law clerk, prior to and during my attendance at law school.

I am an agent for First American Title Insurance Company and issue title commitments and title insurance policies from my office. A title insurance policy guarantees that the title insurance company will defend the title in the event there is a defect that is overlooked in the title examination process, or if there is a defect such as forgery of a signature on a title document (such as a deed or mortgage), or if an heir who was omitted from an estate later claims an interest in the property.

My office is across the street from the county clerk's office, so access to real estate records is readily available. I am also connected online to the local (Jefferson County) Property Valuation Administrator's Office.

A Mechanic's Lien is utilized to protect the rights of a supplier or laborer who works on property. Varying lengths of time are required for the recording of a lien, depending upon the amount due, and whether the property is owner-occupied or being built for an owner-occupant. However, any person seeking to obtain a mechanic's lien should not delay in seeking advice, because some of the time limits are fairly short, and if the owner sells the property to someone who is unaware of the lien claim, or pays off a general contactor in full before receiving notice of the lien claim, the lien rights may be lost. Liens are enforced by filing of an action in court which is similar to a foreclosure action by a mortgage company.

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